A few words about the project Business Partners
Business Partners


"Business Partners from Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia" is a project for integration of commercial entities. It is designed for companies that want to expand their business beyond the borders of the countries to which they belong, and to find business partners in the region, and thus establish new business contacts, expand their markets, and achieve better placement of goods or services. Lately, there are many municipalities and cities from the region in our project, offering mainly their industrial zones, where the infrastructure area and brought to the level of investment for potential investors.


There are three companies working on this Project: Grand Produkt Ltd., Gama Press Ltd. and Inndex Media Ltd. from Belgrade and Sarajevo.


The project was started by Grand Product Ltd from Belgrade in 2003. with support from Slovenian Chamber of Commerce, as printed catalogs "Business partners from Slovenia" to support Slovenian companies, which want to do business in the markets of Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

in 2009. Inndex Media Ltd. and Gamma Press Ltd. are joining the work on the Project. In 2010. we launched the web portal www.poslovnipartneri.com. Rapid development of the Internet as a medium, that rapidly takes primacy among the electronic media, it quickly became the main medium of this project.


This project is implemented through luxurious, printed catalogs, and the web portal www.poslovnipartneri.com, annually. (publication is valid for 365 days).

By renting advertising space in our catalogs, companies, municipalities and cities are given the opportunity to showcase their products and services to the markets of Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia, with minimal financial investment. The quality and uniqueness of the catalog is that our customers are presented in A4, full color, high quality printing, so that each catalog page represents a story about one client, and a reader has a clear insight into each company, city or municipality, their industry, business, or what are their products or services.

In addition, all companies, municipalities and cities, Business Partners, are represented in the same way on the Internet, through specialized web portal www.poslovnipartneri.com, which has more then 1 800 000 unique visits and approximately 11.000.000 page views. Each of our clients presented on the web portal, has the possibility to review how many individual visitors opened their presentation, through the counters of individual visits on each client page. Our future clients can choose whether to be represented in one or both media of this project.


So far, our services were used by more then 700 enterprises, municipalities and cities in the region. Forewords of our publications, as well as support to the project, were written by the following renowned individuals from the region: Prof. Dr. Vojislav Mitic - Member of the Honorary Senate of Europe, Prof Dr Cedomir Ljubojevic - Director of MBS Belgrade, Mr Admir Nukovic - Director JP Komunalno Brcko District, PhD Dobrosav Radovanovic - University for Business studies Banja Luka, Zika Nikolic - journalist and editor of the cult TV show "Zikina Sarenica" RTS, Roman Veras - Slovenian Chamber of Commerce....


Our services are not limited to companies and municipalities from Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. We are opened for all other potential business partners from European countries, who want to showcase their goods and services in the markets of this region.


All interested clients (companies and municipalities), may contact us by phone +381 (0) 11 354 70 71 or +381 (0) 63 261 508, or via e-mail office@inmedia.rs or marketing@poslovnipartneri.com

Another way to include your company is to enter the section "Advertise in the Project". After filling a simple Online form, click on the Submit button to forward the request to our office, after which you will be contacted by our staff, who will provide you with more information, show contracts, and after that, if you match our requirements, we can include your company in the project.


Currently, we are selling the advertising space in our project for the year 2015.

Grand Produkt Inndex Media Gama Press
Why invest in the Republic of Srpska
Why invest in the Republic of Srpska
Macroeconomic and general investment framework of the Republic of Srpska The Republic of Srpska is a desirable destination for foreign direct investment and the main reasons for that are as follows:
Foreword to business catalogue 2015 / 2016 - Mr. Miladin Gavrić B.Sc. in Economy
Foreword to business catalogue 2015 / 2016 - Mr. Miladin Gavrić B.Sc. in Economy
Dissolution of Yugoslavia caused disapearance of uniwue market which had covered approximately 255.000 square kilometers and provided life conditions for 22.5 million of population. Also, new markets emerged formed by newly established states, fragmentized, scattered, separated by various customs and political and other barriers. From the perspective of contemporary global economic trends and market growths, such as European Union market, the opposite process occurred in our region. One large and quite organized and connected market, we replaced with several small markets the possibilities of which are much modest but it directly reflected to development of economy in newly established states.
INNDEX – browser for smart phones for cities of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina
INNDEX – browser for smart phones for cities of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina
Company EuroComp Computer Systems AB from Gothenburg, Sweden www.eurocomp.org, together with partner company from Belgrade, Inndex Media d.o.o. www.inmedia.rs, implements project of Balkans browser INNDEX, designed for smart phones and tablets, for cities and municipalities of Srbia and BiH (RS and Federation).
Foreword to business catalogue 2014 / 2015 - Anto Domić, dr.med. - Mayor of Brcko District
Foreword to business catalogue 2014 / 2015 - Anto Domić, dr.med. - Mayor of Brcko District
It is well known that the basic motif of business entities is finding of new markets and existence on them, and gaining of profit.
HGK Zagreb about the project “BusinessPartners”
HGK Zagreb about the project “BusinessPartners”
After presentation of the project "Business partners” to Mr. Zlatan Fröhlich, President of Croatian Chamber of Commerce Zagreb, we received an answer and opinion of esteemed gentleman as we present below:
Brabo roof windows for global market
Brabo roof windows for global market
Brabo started with operation and technical-technological preparation in 1988. In selection of program, among other, the roof window was selected due to variety of its preparation. The ideas primarily was to make a products which is by its property a complex, and the challenge was the fact that the roof windows were 100% imported item from technically-developed countries. After two years of preparation for such program, in 1990, Brabo started manufacturing and already in 1991 the first Brabo roof window accessed the market. Since 1998 Brabo continues to exist as a company for exclusive production of roof windows led by Mr. Agapije Bojovic. This arose quality of our products to higher level.
Inndex Inndex Media d.o.o. Signum Milanizmi IHS Brabo krovni prozori Kovinoplast Laharnar MBS AD Grad Agencija POSLOVNOST Sarajevo Opština Bijeljina Omnia natura ST. GEORGE Projekt a.d. Hit House Bijeljina